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Board Members

President: Charles Miller

As President of the Irvington Garden Club, Charles combines his love of nature and plants with his love of community service.  A chance invite to a meeting got him there, and he instantly enjoyed the knowledge, initiative, and welcome he received. An attorney by profession, he is passionate about green spaces (and preserving them for everyone), maintaining and restoring Irvington's historic tree canopy, and birds. 

Vice President: Ronna Brown

Ronna and her husband moved to Irvington with their egg-laying hens in August 2017.  Waves of blooms came along with their little house purchase.  More a vegetable than flower gardener, Ronna joined the club for help identifying her new plant treasures. While she loves food from the garden, the beauty of the flowers has given her such joy. Ronna is the club’s vice president and hopes to do her part in keeping Irvington great.

Secretary: Lucy Newton

Lucy is very proud to have been a member of the Irvington Garden Club since its early years. She has made many friends while volunteering on garden tours and at the farmers market. She has been an active gardener since she watched her mother plant flowers, bushes and trees when she was very young. She loves the spring best of all when those spring ephemerals awake the promise of warm days and delicate beauty, and bunny rabbits scamper in the lawn eating clover blossoms.  Lucy is a Master Gardener who loves to help people design perennial shade and sun gardens, with an emphasis on hybrid daylilies. She has about 260 daylily cultivars in her own garden which make a wonderful display around the first of July.  

Treasurer, Market Master: Nancy Boettner

Nancy has lived in Irvington since 1989 and joined the Irvington Garden Club after being asked to be on the garden tour in 2008. She served as President for several years and is now serving as Treasurer and the vendor contact for the Irvington Farmers Market. Nancy always dabbled in gardening, starting with helping her grandmother with her large garden, but became more serious after completing the Master Gardener program in 2007. The Garden Club offers Nancy many opportunities to serve the community and she enjoys spending time with its members.

Garden Tour Chair, Market Logistics Coordinator: Melany Belluci

Melany has lived in Irvington since 1984 and has always loved it!  Melany was asked to be on the Irvington Garden Tour in 2002 and joined the club soon after. She became active with the tour the following year and now serves as the tour chair. She also began volunteering at the farmers market and eventually took over the role of logistics coordinator. She enjoys gardening but just as much enjoys the community aspect of being involved with the club.  Melany loves the beautification projects and meeting and talking with the club members.

Webmaster, Programs Coordinator: Jennifer Martin

Jennifer joined the Irvington Garden Club shortly after moving to Irvington in 2009. She became interested in gardening when she bought her first home in Indianapolis, which had been nicely landscaped by previous owners. At first she was afraid to touch anything out of fear she would kill it, but eventually she began asking questions, doing research, and learning as she went. Jennifer volunteers at most farmers markets and garden tours and has served as the club’s webmaster and programs coordinator for several years.

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