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Beautification Projects

We plant and maintain eight projects and contribute plants, garden supplies or funds to the Friends of Irving Circle, Kim Hubbard Memorial, the Washington and Shadeland clover leaf, and the Irvington branch of the Marion County - Indianapolis Public Library. As a result we are a little "over-stretched" and have concluded that we can no longer take on additional beautification sites. Consequently we have chosen the path of entering into partnerships with other Irvington organizations including the Irvington Green Initiative.

Since our first site in 1999, the cost of many of our endeavors have been funded by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc. (KIBI) to whom we are eternally indebted for their confidence in us and willingness to endorse our visions. Beginning in 2000, we started planting trees in Irvington. To date, after having been aided by scores of volunteers, we have planted over 850 trees.

We have built a community gateway at the corner of Washington and Audubon Streets where two concrete urns sit on top of brick columns planted in seasonal flowers. The area below them is planted with "Ruby Stella" daylilies, sedum's, grasses and other perennials.

Laura's Community Garden, another club beautification site, is used not only by those dwelling in apartments but also by community member's lacking suitable space at home. Additionally, it contains the club's nursery which grows over 1,200 plants each year for donation to Irvington non profits or planting in the club's beautification sites.

In 2014 we - with the city's blessing—assumed responsibility for the Kin Hubbard Memorial Park. Given time, it will become another of our community's bright spots. Our two other, large-scaled, undertakings; the Benton House Historic and Kile Oak Habitat Gardens are discussed on separate web pages.

As cited before, we welcome help in maintaining our beautification projects. Perhaps, you'd like to water a planter, deadhead daffodil, iris or daylily plants or plant summer annuals. Maybe pull a weed or two, donate a few dollars or help mulch a garden path. Whatever, we'd be happy for your help. If so, please contact our Green Initiatives Chair.

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